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Contact Your Legislators

Let your state legislators know you support an end the death penalty in Washington. Write a brief, polite, thoughtful, heartfelt letter stating your support for repeal of the death penalty.


Find your Legislators:



Tips for writing your letter:


  • Use a proper salutation. Address your legislators as Senator or Representative, for example “Dear Representative Smith.”

  • Introduce yourself. Tell your legislator you are a concerned constituent, a community leader, a member of clergy, etc. Include your address in the header so your legislator knows you live in his/her district.

  • Get personal, and make your point clear. In the opening paragraph, tell your legislator why you support repeal and that you wish him/her to vote for it.

  • Always be courteous. Thank your elected official for taking the death penalty seriously. Keep the tone polite and informative. Confrontational or threatening language is not persuasive.

  • Refer to the specific bills. The bills for the 2017/2018 legislative session are SB 6052 in the Senate and HB 1935 in the House. Urge your elected officials to SUPPORT them.

  • Offer facts from Washington State. Refer to The Facts section of our website for help.

  • Use paper! Hand-written letters are particularly effective and will get the most notice.

  • Be concise. Make the letter no longer than a page (or an email no longer than a few paragraphs).



Sample letter outline:

Your name

Your address

Your city, state zip

Legislator name

Legislator address

Legislator city, state zipDear Senator/Representative _____:


Mention in first paragraph:


  • I am a constituent.

  • I am writing in support of repeal of the death penalty. I want you to vote in favor of repeal (including specific bill).

  • Thank you for your service to the state and for taking this issue seriously.

Second/Third paragraph:


  • Examples of why the death penalty should be repealed

  • Details on why I support repeal, why it’s important to me/my family, etc.

Last paragraph:


  • Urge them to support your position on the bill.

  • Ask them to respond back letting you know how they plan to vote.


Your signature


Your printed name

Your address

Your city, state zip

Your phone number

Your email address

Photographer: George Skadding

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